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Translation services from Pro Services Ltd.

Pro Services Ltd. uses freelance translators with extensive experience and licensed to the Consular Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Express translations for the same business day – upon availability.
  • Translation from / into all European languages ​​- fast deadlines and quality performance.
  • Translation of personal and official documents (diplomas, academic transcripts, certificates, criminal records, birth certificates, etc.);
  • Translation of company documentation (invoices, contracts, bank references, balance sheets, offers, business correspondence, etc.)
  • Translation of specialized (medical, technical and legal) literature;
  • Translation of technical documentation and operating instructions for any type of equipment in full compliance with the original formatting of the translated text;
  • Translation of websites, brochures, menus and advertising materials;
  • Interpretation – Travel interpreters; Business meetings; Conference.

Online services!

We live in dynamic times, with constantly changing ways of communication, requiring companies like ours to keep changing the services offered. Check out our new online service: All your translations and inquiries can be sent/forwarded to the above contact forms. Should you not need the documents on paper, we can scan and email them back to you in the required file format. Should you need the documents on paper and you do not have the opportunity or the time to visit the office, all documents can be sent via courier - Speedy AD, at preferential prices, and returned to the client within the agreed period.

Pro Services Ltd.

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